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Our Process

529 Studio is a start-up based in Bristol, UK and was co-founded by two industrial designers, Phil Reilly and Neil Macqueen. Our focus is on creating highly functional, quality products with beautiful aesthetics. As full-time designers at one of the UK’s largest consumer goods and technology companies, 529 Studio began as an evening venture. The name stems from the notion that rather than working ‘Nine to Five’ we were working ‘5 to 9’. 



We recently ran a successful crowdfunding campaign on kickstarter, to get our DUO ballpoint Pen into production. It is now available to buy on our store! DUO is a dual function minimalist ballpoint pen and stylus. With it's retracting nib, the DUO effortlessly transitions between writing on paper and on touch-screen devices. It is your ultimate companion in everyday tasks across all platforms. A minimal ballpoint pen and stylus with the perfect blend of functionality and form. Quality that will last a life time.